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5 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Boiler in Bromley

Are you thinking about installing a new boiler in Bromley? Choosing the ideal boiler for your home can be difficult whether your current boiler is old or broken. However, don't worry; we are here to assist. We at Cosy Cat Plumbing & Heating Ltd. are licenced to instal unvented heating hot water systems and have Bromley Trading Standards approval. We are also pleased to provide plumbing services in and around Bromley, Kent.

Boiler Replacement Bromley

It's crucial to take a few vital factors into account before selecting a choice. Here are 5 considerations to make before installing a new boiler in Bromley:

1. Boiler size and type

Your home's size and your needs for heating and hot water will determine the size and kind of boiler you select. While a smaller home might just need a modest boiler, a larger property will need one. Boilers come in a variety of varieties as well, including combi boilers, system boilers, and standard boilers. It's crucial to think about which type will best meet your needs because each has specific advantages and disadvantages of its own.

2. Energy Effectiveness

The energy efficiency of the boiler should be taken into account while having one installed. A boiler will consume less energy if it is more energy efficient, which can result in reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon imprint. For a boiler that will end up saving you money over time, look for models with excellent energy efficiency ratings, such as A or B ratings.

3. Warranty and Brand 

It's crucial to think about the boiler's brand and guarantee when selecting a new boiler. Some brands have a reputation for being dependable and long-lasting, while others might not. The unit's warranty should also be taken into account. You'll feel more secure knowing that the manufacturer will pay for any necessary repairs or replacements if the warranty is longer.

4. Cost

The brand, size, and kind of boiler you select will all have an impact on how much it will cost. Before making a choice, it's crucial to take into account the price of the unit as well as any additional expenses, such as labour and installation. To guarantee you're getting the greatest bargain available, make sure to request quotations from several businesses.

5. Skilled Installation

When installing a new boiler, it's crucial to take professional installation into account. A professional installation makes sure the appliance is set up safely and correctly, which will assist to avoid any potential future issues. We at Cosy Cat Plumbing & Heating Ltd. are licenced to instal unvented heating hot water systems and have Bromley Trading Standards approval. We can assist you in making sure your new boiler is set up properly and safely.

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Installing a new boiler in your Bromley home can be a major decision, but by taking these 5 important aspects into account, you can be sure you're selecting the right boiler for your house. We are pleased to provide a variety of boiler services and other plumbing services at Cosy Cat Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Call us at 07472255592 right away if you're prepared to have your new boiler put in Bromley, or visit our website to make an appointment. Count on the professionals at Cosy Cat Plumbing & Heating Ltd to instal your new boiler properly and safely. We are eager to assist you with upgrading the heating and hot water system in your home.